Cutest Howl-oween dog costumes!

The countdown to Halloween is here - and what’s better than dressing up for Halloween? Dressing up your pooch! Read our tricks and treats on how to introduce your pup to costumes and some super cute ideas we loved too!

Remember - not all dogs will tolerate dressing up in costumes, so please make sure you look out for signs of any distress. If you want to get your dog Halloween ready it takes more than just picking out a cute or spooky outfit, some dogs will need more preparation (and treats) before they can go show their top dog Halloween costume! 

Sniffin’ Around

We all know dogs sense the world around them using their nose, so you will want to make sure they get a good sniff at their new costume before you attempt to put it on. As humans we don’t like going out wearing something we’re not fully comfortable in - our pups are no different.

Slow and Steady wins the Race..

Take some time and don’t try to dress them too quickly. Take it slow and prep for the big event well before it comes around.  They have feelings and pet peeves too! Maybe start with one piece of costume, rewarding them with a treat afterwards, and make sure they are comfortable; never force them.

Repeat this process, keeping individual pieces on for longer periods of time until eventually they are used to the whole outfit.  You’re almost ready for your gram snaps!  Everyone is looking forward to seeing those spookily creative pups!. 

One size fits all?  Nope!

Just remember they’re used to being ‘naked’ everyday. It may, and probably will, take more than one session to get them used to this but that’s also useful to see how well everything fits.  Then you can see if you need to make any adjustments.

Of course a lot of us can relate to this! Have you ever bought that outfit that finally arrived, and it felt uncomfortably tight to be wearing for the main event?  Just like us, our dogs come in different shapes and sizes - they won’t be happy in anything that doesn’t fit them properly. #DogBodPositive 

Did someone say TREATS?

Most important of all.. Just like us, dogs want to feel appreciated and loved. Tell your pup how amazing they look! Make a fuss, and reward them with their treats. This is all about them so they deserve to feel - as well as look - great!

Part of that feeling great is to remember, if your dog just isn’t having any of it - let it go!  There are other ways to celebrate the Halloween  season!  Never force them.  Consider some cute things they can wear instead of a costume: leads, collars, bandanas, pet friendly colour fur spray - be creative!  Just remember the golden rules: #EveryDog should get to have fun and we #LeaveNoDogBehind..


A simple, ‘spooky season’ dog bandana for the pup that knows less is more! You can find this cute bandana here