Franks Stories - The Vet Who Treats Homeless Dogs


The Fab Jade who set up Street Vet in 2016 Copyright: © 2017 Robin Trow

This is Jade. She’s been a vet for 15 years and her pup patients all belong to homeless people. Jade set up Street Vet in 2016, with the hopes of recruiting professional vets that treat dogs on the street. The BBC featured her story and here at Franks we were all so touched by her admirability and the pet owners she helps. We want to share her story with you. Watch the video on the BBC’s website here to see Jade's amazing work. You can also visit the Street Vet website here!

BUT before you do, did you know, it is estimated that between 5-10% of homeless people have pets, with dogs the most common animal. This topic evokes a range of emotions, from curiosity, sadness and even hostility. But like some of the guys featured in the video, these people NEED their dogs. One man suffers from epilepsy and his dog is his alert dog, assisting him when he has seizures. The dog starts barking to alert anyone nearby and licks his owner's face just so people know he's not being aggressive.

One of the major challenges among the dog-owing homeless population relates to accommodation. According to a survey by the Dogs Trust, two thirds of homeless dog owners are forced to live on the street because they can’t find somewhere to stay with their pet. Indeed, it is estimated that only 9 percent of homeless hostels are dog friendly, you can read more about this here to see Jade's amazing work. 

Here at Franks we all know the bond between owner and dog is incomparable, and we think Jades work is absolutely phenomenal, it means these pups can stay with their loving owners, being happy and healthy!