Keeping your dog content during firework season!

No dog enjoys loud bangs it doesn't understand and the fireworks are coming.  A highly anticipated, and exciting night for many, a dreaded month for others.  Whether it’s the loud bangs, or the unpredictability; fireworks are inevitable around this time of year. With more than a third of dogs in the UK demonstrating signs of distress towards fireworks, we thought we’d help you out with some tips on keeping a dog-friendly household for this firework season. 

A Safe Space

You can help by creating a quiet, safe space for your pup to remain in when they are feeling vulnerable or scared. Dogs in general, are sensitive to the unpredictability of fireworks, not knowing when the next sound will be; and therefore it is essential to ensure they have a space which is going to make them feel as safe as possible!

UK Fireworks Company Advice for Dogs

Read 7 useful tips from the UK Fireworks Company 

Have a plan

You should also have a plan in place before the fireworks begin. This could include taking your pup for a walk during daylight hours - as it will be important for both you, and your pup to have already done your daily walk before the madness begins! Get your curtains closed, and cancel out as much sound; and lighting effects as possible from the skies. It would also be beneficial to not leave your dog by themselves. If you do need to go out, I'm sure there’s plenty of dog sitters that would love to mind them! 


Distraction is key! Like a human, a dog can also be distracted from their surroundings using a few simple tricks.  Try playing some fun games in the house with them to keep them amused and distracted from the noise. You will know your dog best, and you’ll know their favourite games and activities that can keep them feeling happy!  Some examples are tug of war, find the treats, dog puzzles & the shell game. Try turning the radio or tv to a higher volume to drown the noise of fireworks outside.

Bathroom breaks

Inevitably, your dog will at one point need to use the bathroom; maybe whilst the fireworks are happening. It’s important to make sure they don’t go into panic mode, and possibly run away. Remember to make sure that they are wearing a nametag collar or microchipped should they find a way out to escape the noise.

Fireworks Infographic from Kennel Club UK

Useful Fireworks Season Reminder from the UK Kennel Club

A little extra help

There are also a range of calming supplements you can mix in with your dog’s food or drops you can easily put on their tongue. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, there are also essential oils such as Lavender diffusers that can be used with caution; to create a calming atmosphere for your dog. 

 All in all, you know what works best for your dog. They are going to feel most comfortable, at home, with you. Just by being there, giving them love and support is more than enough for your pup to keep them happy! Happy fireworks season, and stay safe!

Love, Sandi