Love Trumps Quirks - Hazel and Poppy

Ever wonder, should I get a rescue dog? This month we celebrate all things Love so we caught up with Hazel and Poppy, the ultimate love story one of our featured Franks Heroes in our Valentine’s snack box. We first came across them on Instagram and everyone in the office fell for Poppy’s cheeky smile. This is their story.

A Love Story

Hazel and Poppy bond on the sofa

Hazel and Poppy - as thick as thieves from day one!

Firstly Hazel was working at a vets when a tiny six week old Cairn Terrier rescue was brought in. The pup had no family, was rejected by her mother and had suffered severe damage to her eye. In fact, her eye was literally hanging out and sadly beyond saving. Still Hazel fell instantly in love with her. She paid for the pup’s medical fees, including eye removal and after care. As for naming this tiny nervous bundle, Hazel decided it would have to be ‘Poppy’.

Growing in love

Raising a rescue is hugely rewarding but typically there are unique challenges, not the ideal love story at the start . Poppy had been attacked by a dog and had some confidence issues. Hazel sought the advice of a behaviourist who highlighted Poppy’s unsurprising anxiety. But as she grew, her full personality blossomed. In no time, she was adorable, but also a headstrong somewhat naughty pup! 

Obedience, Trust & Love

Hazel remembers one of their first visits to the park and Poppy chasing the seagulls with so much gusto that she wouldn’t come back when called. That moment of oh s**t! how do I control this pup! set in. Therefore, while on the face of it, chasing is natural, new and young pets learning about trust and obedience is also one of the more demanding aspects of becoming a new pet parent.

A Clever Girl

“She’s a clever dog – moreover she still loves to chase birds, true to her Terrier nature, and she likes to do tricks too.

But she’s also a little bit anxious of humans and other dogs. People see this cute little dog and want to approach her when they see her, so we use a harness now to let them know to give her some space.”

Every Dog Is Unique

Like many dogs, Poppy is also nervous with loud noises, particularly fireworks. Furthermore, to help her relax, Hazel plays classical music, or soothing rain sounds – she’ll even put on a bedroom fan; anything that creates white-noise to block out the bangs. Otherwise Poppy is carefree and confident.

Family Dynamic

Like many of us Hazel has found having a dog brings a new dynamic to being a family and believes there is truly nothing like the unconditional and undivided love of a dog. A love story for sure She says one of the biggest rewards is seeing Poppy continue to change over time. Poppy is six years old now and whereas she would have been a very independent younger dog, she now loves nothing more than creeping up to bed to be with Hazel or sitting on her lap in the evenings.

Hazel’s Advice!

We agree that sharing life with a dog means exactly that. When asked what Hazel would advise about adopting a rescue dog, she admits For instance that just like with a child or any family member for that matter, there will be challenges; ups and downs, things eaten that shouldn’t be – and occasionally tears.

“The most vivid memory of crying over Poppy was the time we lost her. We contacted our local vets, Lost & Found pet groups, friends – Mark (Hazel’s Partner) ran to search for her at the local park. I was in a total panic only to find her casually wandering around outside the gate without a care in the world!”

Poppy may be a bit of a rebel, but there is no doubt she makes Hazel’s life more complete.

The love story continues

“Before Poppy we weren’t looking for a dog. I’d never even owned a dog! So being a pet parent has been a completely new adventure for us. It’s been nothing short of amazing. It’s like having an extra best mate and I just can’t imagine life without her now! I would definitely re-home again”.

 A Special Bond

Pet parent Hazel and terrier Poppy in matching pyjamas

Fashionistas Hazel and Poppy

On their special relationship she continues,

 “We’re completely thick as thieves. I spoil her terribly and her wardrobe almost rival’s mine at this point! I would like people to know just how much love there is with a dog in your life. Every dog out there is just waiting to be loved – maybe they haven’t found their family yet, maybe they have three legs, or one eye, but it doesn’t matter! Weird quirks just don’t matter! Every dog is unique. They are all amazing and I wouldn’t be without a dog in my life now.”

In conclusion our thanks to Hazel for chatting to us about life with the naughty, but truly adorable Poppy. Another reason we chose Poppy & Hazel is because Valentine's Day is actually Poppy’s birthday! So we wish her a brilliant day and we’ll be sending her a little something from Franks to help celebrate (and I know Hazel has at least one new outfit in store for her too!) We love this love story!!

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