Snack Guide - Deer Oh Deer

Ever wonder what happened to Bambi’s Mam after she was shot…. (no but seriously though).. Frank's Deer Oh Deer is 100% venison. It’s rich in iron, helps sustain healthy teeth & gums, it has no preservatives AND our snacks are easy to digest! 

Deer oh Deer snacks

100% venison. It’s rich in iron, helps sustain healthy teeth & gums - sold!

How’s that for a starter on why, even though we all hate the ideer (sorry!) of killing these big-eyed beauties, we are absolute fans of this meat as a quality food source your pup should snack on. The bottom line is that venison is one of the most nutritious choices you can feed your pup. 

Venison Contains More Nutrients for Your Dog 
Venison is packed with nutrients that support the health and well-being of your dog. Deer meat contains a high amount of B vitamins, giving your dog the energy they need. Dog food with venison also provides the perfect amount of zinc and iron to support a healthy immune system and organ function. 

Venison Is the Perfect Protein for Dogs with Food Allergies 

Some dogs have food allergies linked to familiar protein sources, like chicken or beef. Symptoms of a dog food allergy include itchy skin, rash and gastrointestinal issues like diarrhoea or vomiting. Even when you think you’ve checked the label, dog food and treats routinely contain chicken or beef as the main ingredient, leading to overexposure of those protein sources. And those complicated algorithms combining thousands of ingredients and possibilities? Let’s not even go there! 

The truth is, you can’t get better than pure, 100% meat. So if you are struggling with a dog food allergy or sensitivity, venison may be a great alternative to try. What’s not to love? 

Dog Food with Venison Is a Leaner Alternative 

If your dog is overweight or obese, switching to a venison-based dog, food may be the perfect solution (be encouraged – it still isn’t too late for that hot girl summer – Read on..!). Deer meat is naturally lean, containing less fat and cholesterol when compared to other protein sources. Venison can help keep your dog at their optimum weight, reducing their chances of dog obesity, heart disease and other weight-based health problems. 

Deer Oh Deer in the wild

A wild Deer Oh Deer

Dogs Enjoy the Flavour of Venison

If your dog has never had dog food with venison, they are likely to think it is a delicious treat. If your furry pal is extremely picky about their food, it is a good idea to give venison a try.

"Even the most particular of pooches seem to love the flavour of deer meat! Our deer snacks are one of our most popular by far so these are some of the great reasons for that."

As always, remember to introduce new foods slowly, and always have water on hand when giving dog snacks – which – you guessed, are part of a sensible diet.