Why The UK Loves Snack at Franks!

Here at Snack at Franks, we have one mission: we want to make dogs as happy as they make us!  What's not to love about that?  Here's how we do it.  

Happy, Healthy.. Simple! 

We believe life is better with dogs. Therefore by giving back to communities and providing resources and education, we aim to help dogs flourish where they’re loved: home.

Above all, we enthusiastically advocate for fostering and dog-friendly spaces, and will forever do zoomies for surrender-prevention community services and responsible sourcing and rehoming. AND strive to make the world a better place for dogs and their people.

Mission possible

Snack at Franks was born from the minds of loving dog owners and inspired by our CEO, Frank himself (aka Milo the chihuahua)! Just like you who face the same struggle all pet-lovers do: we don’t always have the time or energy to give our dogs the best (and they deserve the best) … And since our pets are our family, the guilt that comes with that can be pretty strong..

Safe and Healthy... two of our key ingredients 

The trouble is the time and effort it takes to research - and then go find - toys and chews that are SAFE and HEALTHY… Not to mention the strain it puts on our wallets, especially if your dog is particularly… enthusiastic about toys.

In  conclusion we decided we needed an easier way to keep our dogs happy.

Choose Chews

Snack at Franks was founded not only to make it EFFORTLESS for you to provide the best products for your dog, but also to make it easier to afford. Therefore making it simpler than ever to provide consistent stimulation to your furry family member – resulting in a healthier happier dog.

By choosing quality items for your monthly box, our mission is to ensure you won’t have to worry about choice and variety! 

How does it work? 

We love choice here at Franks so you can opt for a Monthly Open Subscription, A Three Month Subscription - Our best selling option for those who know what they want and when they want it! Paid every 3 months with all the benefits of a rolling no minimum term subscription that you can pause or cancel anytime. Or a 12 month subscription. Your favourite gift subscription so far! For a single payment of £209 (saving you over £30!) you will receive 12 monthly boxes of all natural, human grade snacks, chews & and toys each month. Every box is hand packed with new varieties to keep them happy & healthy through the year! In addition celebrate the seasons with our monthly themes and never run out again! The perfect gift that lasts all year.

Delivered straight to your door for free and costing pet parents roughly 60p a day for amazing snacks, chews and treats! What’s not to love - after all, dogs and humans are better together! Let the party begin! 

What’s inside my Snack at Franks box?

Good question! Our monthly subscription is crammed with four packs of human grade snacks, three all naturally dried long lasting chews, a monthly toy for them and seasonal gifts for you to make pet parenting just that little bit easier! You'll also receive discounts as our VIP member on all deals and gift boxes! Want to know more about our treats, read up on some of our favourites! 

Snacks plz

Saucy Salmo - Too good to share with cats (unless you really love them)!  High in protein with a healthy balance of Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin & shiny coat, proven to soothe itchy dry skin & aid joints. Also improves brain function making this the perfect treat for those clever little pups!

Deer Oh Deer - Frank's Deer Oh Deer is 100% venison. It’s rich in iron, helps sustain healthy teeth & gums, it has no preservatives AND our snacks are easy to digest! 

What the Duck - All duck, duck and no goose with this one! Frank's What the Duck is 100% duck (sorry Donald), 100% natural, no preservatives, easy to digest and good for teeth & gums. We seriously approve of letting your pooch get in touch with their classy side with duck and I’m sure you will too! As a more exotic protein source, it is a fantastic choice for pups who have food allergies or sensitivities.

Ask the Experts! 

Still on the fence? Let’s Hear what our fab pack members have to say! 

I think Snack At Franks is fabulous, and all of the treats so far have been loved by my dog, especially the deer treats. The frisbee was also a firm favourite for a dog who is very picky about what she will play with. I enjoyed opening this as much as my dog did. Look forward to next month! Thank you!” - Jade 

The products are amazing, great quality, good value and, most importantly, my puppy could not be more pleased! The customer service has also been excellent - all in all a gem of a company.” - Thea 

Delivered quickly and in one piece! It came through the door and was waiting... with a dog staring at it... for me when I came home. The whole thing is class! The packaging is really cool and my wife loved the nice little inserts with essential doggo info on them.

Cheeky names of the snacks are funny and nice to see an ingredient list with 1 product in it for a change! Good stuff Frank and his team... or 'Pack'. Look forward to next month's box.” - David

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