FAQ & Help

Ok! So what is a Snack at Franks Sub Box?

Snack at Franks is a dog snack subscription! We deliver the best quality snacks to dogs across the UK. Straight to your letterbox every month. And we include a toy or a surprise so you can enjoy more time together. Another thing taken care of. Well done you amazing pet parent!

Take a look at our snack packs page to read more about the ingredients we use!

How often do I get a box?

Most of our subscriptions are monthly.  When you order a subscription we take care of everything. Your first box we aim to deliver within 1 week. If you begin your subscription through a promotional period or using a discount, we will send your box within 1 – 2 weeks (as these times a so busy). You’ll receive your subsequent monthly box approximately every 30 days on your delivery date.  

Each month we will deliver your box straight to your door dog for FREE! If you run short, you can always top up early. If you have too much, you can pause and jump back in anytime.

Are there hidden fees?

No, none! Absolutely no hidden fees – Shipping and Delivery is completely FREE on all sub boxes and any order over £20 so the full-price at checkout includes postage, packaging and delivery (usually shown on the final section of your checkout). 

How do I log in to my account?

Before you try to log in, please make sure you have created an account first. After you have placed your first order, click the person icon at the top right of the screen, then click 'create account', this allows you to enter the email address you made your first initial purchase with, and create a password. After that's done, yay! You have created an account!

To log into the account you have created, click log in from any page and follow the sign-in steps. Have fun!

 Forgotten your password?

Been there! On the log in icon at the top of our pages, choose the forgotten password link. We’ll email you with a temporary password. If you need help get in touch with us and we’ll get you sorted out.

 Can I update my address?

Sure, you can update your address by logging in to your account. We need your new address at least 4 days before dispatch to ensure your box is delivered to the correct address.  

When will I be charged for my order?

We take payment for your first box (or a gift box) immediately upon completion of your order.

Payment for your second box will be taken on the same date every month thereafter. This let’s you receive your sub box regularly at the start of every month, so you never need to worry about becoming an old Mother Hubbard!

 How do I cancel?

You can manage and cancel your subscription by signing into your account and selecting 'Manage subscriptions', then click 'subscriptions' on the menu bar along the top, scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'cancel subscription.' If you have any difficulties doing this, please email cancellations@frankspets.com and we can manage your account for you.

My payment failed – what’s next?

Our system typically tries again after 48—72 hours. If we aren’t able to process your payment after that, your subscription will be paused until you unpause it. If your payment didn’t go through because of old billing details, our system will try to process your subscription once you update those. If you need some time, just pause your account anytime.

 If you do need to change your payment details, please complete the following steps to ensure you don’t miss out on your box:

  • Please log in to your account
  • Choose Subscriptions
  • Choose Update Payment Details

Once your subscription payment has been updated, your snack box will be scheduled for dispatch.

log in to your account, check or update your payment information.
Need help? Get in touch!


Managing Your Subscription & Account

Yes, subscriptions can be paused. You have complete control over your subscription.  Recently we have moved to a new platform so if you can't access your account by logging in, please just get in touch anytime and we will pause for you. If you pause, upon reactivation of your subscription, you will roll into the next delivery schedule.  You will also keep and discounts, goodies or bonuses that you had still on your account membership.

My box doesn’t have what I ordered. It’s damaged! It’s lost! Something bad happened…

Please get in touch if anything has happened and we’ll respond immediately. We pride ourselves on our customer service so please, know you can get in touch with us directly anytime! We want you and your dog to enjoy being part of Franks and we are here to help you! 

 My Snack at Franks box has not arrived yet…

You’ll get a dispatch email so you’ll know when your box has been sent. You should receive it within 3—5 working days. If you haven’t received it in that time, get in touch. We are currently using Royal Mail to ship and sometimes they will leave a card or return an item to your local post office or sorting centre if they can't deliver it. So please check with them first! Also you might want to check if there have been disruptions to your area, and remember holiday periods might slow things a little bit too (so we know you'll order well in advance, you clever thing!).  

Check for postal delays in your area with this handy tool. We will always try to notify you if there are expected national delays, but your box will get to you! Rest assured, we are coming pup!

Is there a cost for delivery?

Yes and Nope! Subscription boxes and all orders above £20 are FREE across the UK. Any orders under £20 may be charged at checkout unless stated otherwise in the promotion. That’s all.


May I return my Franks box?

We appreciate that there are occasions when you'd want to return an item. If this is the case, all items must be returned with all items unopened & sealed in the original packaging within 14 days? Although you (and your dog) won’t want to, we do have no quibble policies so you can pause or cancel anytime, if you no longer wish to subscribe, or need a break. Get in touch anytime if you need to talk to us about this.

Sending a Franks gift-box or a subscription as a gift.

Franks is the perfect gift for friends and family. Just pop your giftee’s address in the delivery section, on checkout, if you want it sent straight to them. You can add a personal message too.

 Can I cancel a gift subscription?

Of course! Cancelling a gift subscription is as easy as cancelling your own subscription. Just log in and follow the cancellation steps. Have a look at our terms of service for more info on this.

 When will I be refunded?

Once we have all the information we need and are in receipt of your returned goods, your refund will be processed within 3-5 working days.. Sometimes your gateway or bank might take a while to process. We aim to deal with a refund — or any problems you’ve had for that matter — immediately. Almost always on the same day you’ve contacted us (but weekends and after UK business hours might take a little bit longer).  Please be aware that if you're buying through Shopify, Paypal or other gateways it can take up to 10 working days for your refund to reach your account.  We can't make them do this faster as it don't store your bank details, but we will always send you emails and updates about any refunds so that you have peace of mind that it's on its way.

 Discounts & Special Offers…

If you have used a special offer or discount code on your subscription, be sure to read the terms of your discount. If you have any questions, just get in touch.  

 We offer discounts through the year, but we are a subscription service.  If you use a discount to buy a single box and cancel your subscription before delivery, you will be refunded instead of receiving your award winning snack box!   This is because our offers are pretty epic but could not be possible unless everyone takes advantage in the spirit it was intended (to allow us to pass offerings to you and also support some good charities and groups along the way).

 Where do I enter my promo code?

Promotional codes, vouchers and gift card codes are entered during checkout with your adjusted balance clearly shown.  Usually these are in the yellow boxes above our checkout.  If successful you’ll see a message to say your code is accepted. Unless stated, the codes we use will only be valid for one time use, so if you've run into problems checking out please just let us know - we can make a special little code just for you! If you have any problems, we are happy to help!

 Can I insert several promo codes for a single order?

Sometimes, yes! Oftentimes no! Typically offers may not be used in conjunction with other discount offers. You can check our terms of service to see how we usually use discount promotional codes.  But please see above about us getting you the magic codes if you have any issues!

What to do when the code on my voucher will not work?

Double-check that you’ve entered the code correctly. Your promo code may only be valid for certain subscriptions, or the code may have already expired.

Check the terms of the promotion and if you’re good to go but still having a problem, get in touch and we’ll gladly fix it!


If you have any questions, please get in touch!