Snack at Franks - 1 Month Prepaid Subscription

  • £19.79


Type: Dog Treats

Our Prepaid Box With A Month's Worth Of Treats.

Our monthly open ended subscription is crammed with four 50g packs of human grade snacks, three all naturally dried long-lasting chews, a monthly toy to entertain them and seasonal gift for you.  Everything you need to make pet parenting just that little bit easier and a whole lotta fun!  You'll also receive discounts and first in line as our VIP member on all deals and giftboxes!

 Dogs, like humans, need a variety in their diet to thrive.  Usually we feed our dogs the same bulk bought food so they eat the same meals almost every day. At Franks we have come up with an easy - and fun - way to make sure they get the right variety of vitamins and proteins each month. 

Each month they receive new treats with different benefits to help their immune system, bones, teeth, organs, coat and digestion.  We also include toys and activity gifts to improve their wellbeing, make life a little easier for you as a pet parent and keep their minds happy!  Their personalised subscription means you're always in control, can choose what to avoid for them and you can manage your subscription to make it work for you!

£19.79 one time fee (..or just 2 coffees!..) perfect for your favourite pal!