Snack at Franks Chew Buffalo Twist

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Buffalo the cholesterol slayer!  Say bi-son to weak muscles!

Franks Buffalo Super Chew Sticks

Buffalo is super popular and we usually try to hold a range of buffalo meat varieties.  It's lower in saturated fat than Beef and Pork and has higher iron than both and many other meats too.  It's a low cholesterol, high mineral & protein food, so it benefits things like recovery after exercise or injury, maintaining muscle health and helping maintain a healthy weight. It's often called nature's toothbrush as it can help with mouthcare.  

Franks Buffalo Sticks are low in fat and 100% natural. Our buffalo sticks are tough chews and will suit any medium to large dogs old enough to have their adult teeth (from about 8-10 weeks onwards usually).  It is pure natural dried Buffalo and not a rawhide product.  It's one of our favourite long lasting chews, perfect for the tough chewer.  

Chews and snacks are a complimentary food for dogs and should not replace their daily diet.  As always we advise that dogs are old enough to handle tough long lasting chews and that you provide water and supervision while enjoying. 

Available while stocks last and sold individually or as part of our Chew On This and Franks Snack Box subscriptions. 

Ingredients: 100% Buffalo

Composition: Crude Protein 85%, Fat 9%, Moisture 10%