Snack At Franks Chews Beefy McSpleeny

  • £4.00


He Protec!  He Attac!  Franks Beefy McSpleeny is back!

Due to popular demand, we've beef spleen back in limited edition stock!

Beef Spleen is known boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, promote blood health as well as digestion.  Even humans will use its extract to help protect immune systems against deficiencies and diseases.  While we don't advocate you stealing your pups chews, we do believe this is a great item for them to enjoy!  Spleen is also really packed with iron too, over 5 times the iron in the liver.  It's also rich in other minerals like magnesium and selenium.  

It makes the grade for us to share with you in our naturally dried form of tough chew here.  As always we advise that dogs are old enough to handle tough long lasting chews and that you provide water and supervise all chewing.

Ingredients: 100% Beef

Composition: Protein 76%, Fat 2.0%, Moisture 4.0%, Fibre 18.0%