Snack At Franks Chews Camel Humpty Hump

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You got the Hump! You got the Humpty Hump!

Franks Camel Skin Mega Chew

These Camel chews are our original winner with pet parents.  Camel is another lean product, lower in saturated fat than many others and high in protein and iron.  Benefits of Camel are to the coat, skin and nails, as well as it becoming popular for helping reduce blood glucose and cholesterol.  Camel as become very popular for pups who need a specific diet as it is rarely an allergen to most dogs.

Franks Camel chews are, as you'd expect, low in fat and 100% natural. Our Mega chews are tough chews so will suit dogs old enough to have their adult teeth (from about 8-10 weeks onwards usually).  As it's cut at natural angles, it is a gnawer for most sizes and we are able to match sizes of pups to chews easily.  It is pure natural dried Camel and not a rawhide product.  It's one of our favourite long lasting chews, perfect for the tough chewer.  

Chews and snacks are a complimentary food for dogs and should not replace their daily diet.  As always we advise that dogs are old enough to handle tough long lasting chews and that you provide water and supervision while enjoying. We never use rawhide and our dried snacks and chews are naturally dehydration to ensure maximum benefits as well as longevity.

Available while stocks last and sold individually or as part of our Chew On This and Franks Snack Box subscriptions. 


Ingredients: 100% Camel

Composition: Crude Protein 75,05%, Crude Fat 8,96%, Crude Ash 3,21%, Moisture 12,57%