Snack at Franks Chews Venison Jerky

  • £3.00


Venison Strips and Jerky is a great meat as it's lean and loaded with protein. These strips are easier to chew for small/medium dogs as well as puppies and older dogs who need a solid but slightly softer chew.  Other benefits are being lower in saturated fat than other red meats, high in zinc and other B vitamins (which helps organs, cell development and energy).

Deer is always a popular item for our pups so these will quickly sell out as soon as we order them.  Sign up to be kept up to date on what's in stock as we rotate for freshness quite often and when they're gone.. well, you know the score!

Ingredients - 100% Venison: Protein 69%, Oils and fats 1.5%, Ash 2%, Moisture 7.2%.